LMD Deck

Hello everyone! My name is Vince. I am a Graphic designer by day, Layman Cardist, Magician & Playing Cards Designer by night. LMD Deck is my very first creation here in Kickstarter. Just like what the brand name signifies, this deck is created from the very basic, from a layman’s point of view. A logo […]

Robot Poker Playing Cards

This is a custom deck of poker sized playing cards designed by Tony D’Amico. • Standard Poker Size on a Linen Texture paper made in the USA • Box is Matte • Cards are sealed in the box • The cards are sealed inside of the box and the box is sealed with a sticker. […]

Dota 2 Playing Cards

Bigmouth is a fun practitioner since 2013. Crafting his works on digital platform, maintaining the relationship between the creativity and fun arts. His works revolves around the thin line between colorful and details. Play with art and draw the fun was his main ingredient when come to creation. Bigmouth explores different of perspective media, one […]

Osvaldo Casanova Deck

Hello! I was born in Lonigo (Vicenza, Italy). I have been an art director and I worked, designed and painted for music, publishing, sport and advertising. I’ve been part of several painting and illustration exhibitions. I was thinking about designing playing cards since years, finally I did it in spare time (click here). Source: Instagram.com

African Orchestra Playing Cards

This is a 54 card deck of hand illustrated playing cards, featuring ink and watercolour illustrations of African animals playing different orchestral instruments!  Each suit represents a different type of African animal and simultaneously a different section of the orchestra. Spades is the strings section played by birds and reptiles; Diamonds is the brass section […]

Pegleg Pete’s Deck of Royal Rogues Playing Cards

Pegleg Pete’s is a high seas piratical adventure of a deck. Set includes one black and one red deck. Each contains a 60 card poker sized deck that with the standard 52 plus 4 “X” Cards, 2 jokers, and 2 add cards. Source: Amazon.com

Maybe Lenormand Playing Cards

Maybe Lenormand honors the Lenormand tradition with stylized illustrations that convey the core meaning at the heart of each card. Expanding the 36-card Petit Lenormand, designer Ryan Edward has created 16 additional cards to complete a 52-card pack, following the heritage of fortune telling cards based on playing card decks. Set includes 72-page illustrated guidebook […]

Inkjava Playing Cards

The very first and sublime playing card deck released by the Inkjava card shoppe! Discover four fantastic worlds through 54 cards featuring artworks emerging right from the imaginative mind of artist Ïve Bastrash. Sail the Seven Seas with its mythical aquatic creatures; cross the desert dunes and avoid its mischievous fauna; explore the dungeon of […]

Tactical Field Deck All Weather Playing Cards

Designed by Maxpedition from ground up combining our unique aesthetics with traditional playing card features. All weather 0.31mm PVC construction. Overall size: 2.5″(L) x 0.075″(W) x 3.5″(H) Printed on sturdy, waterproof 0.31mm PVC Tactical field deck of casino quality playing cards 52 poker size cards plus 2 Jokers Waterproof material for extreme weather conditions Source: […]

Kingdom Hearts Playing Cards

Kingdom Hearts (キングダム ハーツ) is a series of crossover action role-playing games owned by Disney and developed and published by Square Enix (originally by Square). It is a collaboration between Disney Interactive and Square Enix, and is under the direction of Tetsuya Nomura, a longtime Square Enix character designer. Source: Ebay.com

Adventure Time Playing Cards

Adventure Time enthusiasts will enjoy these colorfully illustrated playing cards (bundle of four decks) which can be used for most popular card games.  This is a bundle of two identical decks with Jack/Finn on the box cover with blue backings and two identical decks Fionna and Cake on the box cover with pink backings. Bonus of Six […]

Black Butler Playing Cards

Black Butler (黒執事) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yana Toboso. Black Butler has sold over 24 million copies worldwide, 6 million outside Japan. Source: Amazon.com

Cat Playing Cards

税込価格:1枚237円(本体:220円)/サイズは97ミリ×140ミリです。 カード重量:5g/材質:紙(英国製) Source: Potteringcat.co.jp  

Bicycle Emperor Playing Cards

This deck highlighting the most powerful  emperors celebrated within Chinese classics so that he will have a special, meaningful deck and the rest of the world can enjoy these unique designs. The original designs of the faces of the deck are all inspired by figures from Chinese heritage and culture as described below. Source: Playingcards.net

Bicycle Bionic Playing Cards

This epic deck of cards was created by a Bionic to honour the bravado of the sect and express support for their cause. Its bold, unique design paying homage to those brave champions of change, the sheen of each card’s surface ensuring a speedy draw and smooth, swift turns, reflecting the hyperspace pace of change […]

Bunny with a Toolbelt Multifunctional Playing Cards

Hello! My name is Hilary. I started making my living from my artwork in 1989. In addition to Etsy, I sell this work at The Museum of Contemporary Craft, Oregon College of Art and Craft, and the Center for Art in Wood. The work I show on my Etsy site has been featured in the Style […]

Final Fantasy VIII Playing Cards

For sale are custom made Final Fantasy VIII themed playing cards created to an incredibly high quality. They are designed with themed suits in mind; -HEARTS – Characters Art -SPADES – Monster Art -ACES – GF Art -CLUBS – Character Illustrations -JOKERS – 2x FF8 logo design by Yoshitaka Amano (1x Black, 1x Red) Card […]

DOTA 2 Playing Cards

Here’s an exciting deck that recreates the amazing characters from DOTA 2. If you are familiar with Heroes, this deck will bring back all the excitement of the game. Each number card, court card, and both Jokers are different characters. As a result, with DOTA 2 Playing Cards , you can invent your own games […]

Vietnam Playing Cards

Vietnam Playing Card is inspired by the beauty and myths of Vietnamese history and culture. We are young designers of Vietnam, who are fascinated by how the past shaped our presence and probably our future.  We researched and studied and developed our concepts into a collection. We want slightly d ifferent way to share our […]

Flight Cards Air Jordan Playing Cards

Flight Cards is the passion project of a small team of sneaker enthusiasts who wanted to showcase the design, cultural influence, and chronology of the greatest sneaker legacy of all time. Each suit has a curated selection of AJ’s featuring, arguably, the most important sneakers of His Airness’ legacy – the first thirteen.  These thirteen […]

Pixar Playing Cards by Chris Anderson

Hello, I’m Chris Anderson, or Ando to the majority of people who know me. Wirral, UK based Illustrator and Graphic Designer.  For more information on this deck: *protected email* Source: Instagram.com 

Outlaws Playing Cards

This deck complements and completes the original Outlaws deck perfectly. While the original is a deck you save for your more auspicious events, the understated design of Outlaws Crimson works for any and every occasion. These cards look and feel incredible, and they might just become your favorite deck to use every day. (Images via Behance.net)  Source: […]

Penguin Playing Cards (Japan Import)

など、がんばるあなたを、ほめたり、いたわったり、見守ったりしてくれるよ。 そんなコウペンちゃんより、みんなで楽しめる【トランプ】が初登場!! ング、クイーン、ジャック、ジョーカーの絵柄を新規描き起こし! 王冠やドレス、ガウンなどでドレスアップしてちょっと大人っぽいコウペンちゃんたちがとってもキュート♪  Source: Global.rakuten.com 

Ultimate Deck

The Ultimate Deck is a one-of-a-kind, luxury deck of playing cards showcasing stunning works of art on every card. Produced in collaboration with award-winning design firm, Stranger & Stranger. The Ultimate Deck features 54 unique works of art, each with an elaborate back design. Every single card in the Ultimate Deck is represented with a […]

Legal Tender Playing Cards

Over three years ago I started on a journey of designing playing cards with my very first playing card Kickstarter titled Federal 52. Over those years I have grown so much as an illustrator and a playing card designer. It is my hope with Legal Tender to take what I have learned from all of the […]

HMNIM Playing Cards

HMNIM is an exclusive deck of playing cards, created by Dan and Dave in collaboration with former Blink-182 band member Mark Hoppus and his clothing brand «Hi My Name is Mark». Octopus on company’s logo is just one of the design elements in this deck. A plethora of detailed images and patterns were created by award-winning team of illustrators specifically for […]

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Playing Cards

Final Fantasy is a science fiction and fantasy media franchise created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, and developed and owned by Square Enix (formerly Square).   Most games contain elements of fantasy and science fiction and feature recycled names often inspired from various cultures history, languages and mythology, including Asian, European, and Middle-Eastern. Source: Amazon.com 

Papua New Guinea Playing Cards

Collectible Non-standard Court Playing Cards . Papua & New Guinea, a lovely deck with ethnic courts, designs by Graeme Ross (52 cards). For see the box, go to Wopc.co.uk Source: Get-collectables.co.uk 

Le jeu de Marseille Playing Cards (Very Rare)

Le jeu de Marseille Surrealist Playing Cards Highly collectible and very interesting pack edited and printed by André Dimanche Designed between 1940 and 1941 in meetings of surrealist artists at the castle of Bel-Air, Marseille, residence of Victor Segre and André Breton. The cards were created by : Victor Brauner, André Breton, Oscar Dominguez, Max […]

Maori Playing Cards

Maori themed playing cards from New Zealand depicting Maori Kings, Queens and Chiefs with Maori artwork motifs. ⇒ Wopc.co.uk Source: Ebay.com     

Suriname Playing Cards (Rare)

Published in 1980 in South America in the country of Suriname. The face cards have very cool graphics/ artwork designed by Henna Brunings, Monique Vergauwen, Piem Reiziger.  The design is of Black Amerindian and Asian kings queens and jacks. The Amerindians, Bushnegroes, Indians and Javanese have been concertized in this pack of playing cards, together […]

Lucky Stack Playing Cards (Special 1st Edition) + Prints Signed

Limited Edition (150 decks) Set includes: Wooden box with printed insert. Fabric band with signed & numbered printed label. Sealed 1st edition deck of Lucky Stack cards. 4 x 8 colour signed & numbered serigraph prints in fabric sleeve. The prints each show one of the four card suits and feature metallic gold and bronze […]

Mongolian Playing Cards (Limited Edition Collector)

It has great and unique pictures of Mongolian ancient warriors and Queens. Great graphics and colors.  This deck is currently not available. An update of the link will be made once the playing cards will be available again.   Source: Worthpoint.com   

Kraken Black Spiced Rum Playing Cards

The kraken is a legendary sea monster of giant size. Authors over the years have postulated that the legend originated from sightings of giant squids that may grow to 12–15 meters (40–50 feet) in length. The Kraken Rum is an imported rum from the Caribbean blended with secret spices. Named for the sea beast of myth and legend, The KRAKEN RUM is strong, […]

Lucky Hands Card Deck (Limited Edition) by Malika Favre

Malika Favre is a French artist based in London. Her bold, minimal style – often described as Pop Art meets OpArt – is a striking lesson in the use of positive/negative space and colour. Malika’s clients include The New Yorker, Vogue, BAFTA, Sephora and Penguin Books, amongst many others. Follow @malikafavre on twitter and instagram. 56 Poker card deck. 63x89mm.Embossed and […]

3D Mechanized Playing Cards (Limited Edition)

Dale Mathis 3D Limited Edition Playing Cards  When the creativity and design on playing cards is day by day improving and changing, we have the opportunity to enjoy really amazing and original projects. This is a perfect example: The Metal and Mechanized 3D Playing Cards. The creator is the famous and talented artist Dale Mathis. […]

Bicycle Tokidoki Deck

Bicycle Tokidoki Deck Here’s an original deck, full of pure design; Bicycle Tokidoki. The cards burst with color and with the Tokidoki characters, a brand created by Simone Legno and distributed throughout the world. Simone is the creative director and co-funder of Tokidoki. Always loving Japan, he chose the word “Tokidoki”, which means “sometimes” in […]

Aquatic Theme Playing Cards

Hello, we are the Lollipopsisters: Juss’, Ed’ & our bunny. We make illustrations, handcrafted goodies, animations & games!  Sealife, pirates, mermaids and marines art in this deck of cards.  Source: Lollipopsisters.storenvy.com   

Pac Man Playing Cards

A great gift for gamers of all ages, PAC-MAN Playing Cards feature PAC-MAN’s iconic foes as each of the suits, making this a fun set for all the family to enjoy. A standard 52 card deck, plus two jokers and an arcade machine style storage tin, all with the classic PAC-MAN design. The suits are […]

Bicycle Ultimate Universe Playing Cards by Gamblers Warehouse

Gambler’s Warehouse is proud to present Ultimate Universe playing cards. A conceptual expansion on the four symbols of Oriental mythology, Ultimate Universe takes star-born legends to new heights. Elements of 2D pixel art infused with striking color schemes make for a visual experience that is both complex and fun. Mythology and technology coalesce beautifully in […]

Howler Brothers Playing Cards (Limited Edition)

Theory11 recently teamed up with Howler Brothers – an outdoor lifestyle company based in Austin, Texas – and artist Jay Fletcher to produce a limited edition deck of playing cards that exudes elegance and an aura of playful curiosity. The deck includes 52 custom faces; literally every single card features vibrant, colorful, original artwork on every square […]

Skateboard Playing Cards

Magic and skateboarding.. these are the two great passions of Kevin Yu. Based in Canada, Kevin teamed with Dario Genuardi to design a deck that every magician, cardist and skate fan could want: SKATEBOARD Playing Cards. This deck is full of enthusiasm, dynamism, emotion and above all, life force. The force that allows you to […]

Shovel Knight Playing Cards

The Enchantress doesn’t play fair—when it comes to games of chance, you’ll want to bring your own deck.  This official set of Shovel Knight playing cards were designed by Fangamer’s own Laura Verdin and produced by the US Playing Card Company, the same company responsible for Bicycle card decks. Source: Fangamer.com     

Bicycle Lovely Bear Playing Cards (Limited Edition)

Now introducing the Bicycle Lovely Bear Deck, customized by a secret British designer. Her original intention was to customize an exclusive deck of playing cards for her daughter. She was inspired by her daughter’s favorite toy bear, which is affectionate, has a great British style, and can serve as enjoyable recreation.  The Bicycle Lovely Bear Deck is perfect […]

Omnia Magnifica Luxury Gold Edition Playing Cards (Very Rare)

This Special Edition includes a custom shaped Numbered Seal, a perfect addition to a highly collectable deck. Omnia Magnifica represents the legendary, remote past of the Omnia Universe, full of God and Heroes. When everything started. The main Omnia theme is cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return. The main […]

The Legendary Pokémon Playing Cards (Limited Edition)

Limited Edition (Only 100 decks) Card decks will be sold for $25 USD per deck / Shipping in the U.S. is + $5 USD / Shipping Internationally is +$15 USD (2-4 weeks for delivery).  No more decks are for sale but you can still contact the owner at *protected email* (for more information, click here). Source: Deer-head.deviantart.com       

Zelda Deck

SoChg ChibiChains sells 2D laminated keychains of chibi characters from popular anime/games. The Legend of Zelda playing card deck features artwork from 4 different Zelda games (Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s Mask) separated into individual suits. Two different joker cards are also individually customized. Card backs are covered in a holographic […]

Digital Petroglyphs Playing Cards

Introducing the whimsical Digital Petroglyphs deck, the latest in-house deck by Legends PCC! Using premium materials and captivating artwork, this is a deck that taunts you to open it and discover the characters within.  We use each new LEGENDS release to showcase new printing methods and artwork. Meticulously designed by Stacey Kelly of Squiddleink, they feature completely custom […]

Kings of India Playing Cards

A custom-designed deck of playing cards inspired by India’s four greatest dynasties (Maurya, Gupta, Chola and Mughal). Every inch has been fully illustrated, from the typography and suits to the weapons and chest hairs of the Kings, revealing the marvels and monarchs of India’s story. Includes 2 illustrated historical index cards in every deck. Additional […]

Hanami Fusion Playing Cards (Limited Edition)

Hanami Fusion is a vibrant floral-themed deck featuring 54 unique, fully custom, and beautifully illustrated poker-sized cards.  The Hanami Fusion Deck was designed to combine standard poker indices, hanafuda imagery, and custom-designed hanafuda indices into a multipurpose deck that can be used to play Eastern and Western games. The Hanami hanafuda indices indicate the flower, month, and type […]

Masquerade Playing Cards by Denyse Klette

Brain Vessel was originally founded by Douglas Koozer in partner with Jason Kreiger and has roots in sensory branding, gallery presence, and innovative design: Unique Nautical & Artist Series Playing Cards & Accessories, Fine Jewelry, Fine Wood Work and Hand-Crafted Furniture, Featured Artist Artwork displayed in The Gallery, and brain cells. Masquerade is the second of […]

Pirate Playing Cards by Vitaly Fishilevich

The artwork is in black and white so that the deck can be used as a tattoo sampler. The images are very fashionable in the context of being flash designs; the style is like that found in Calavera art (sugar skulls) and contains references to Voodoo and Spanish conquistadors amongst others.  A recurring motif is […]

Savage Majesty Playing Cards

Savage Majesty is an intricately and lovingly painted playing card deck by the artist Leslie Casilli. Inspired by creatures of high fantasy, it features four fantastical races; the Dragons, Zeffurs, Pheonix, and Jazzercorn, each of which represent one of the four suits. The intention of the project was to create a deck which featured colorful […]

Red Dead Redemption Promotional Playing Cards

These are the cards that Best Buy, Target, Walmart, GameSpot and maybe other stores gave away as promotional items during the May 18, 2010 midnight launch of Red Dead Redemption. There was a lot of confusion in some areas around which stores were doing the giveaway and in many areas they promotional giveaway never happened. […]

The House of the Rising Spade Playing Cards

Hello! I am Lorenzo, I live and work in Stockholm, Sweden. I design custom playing cards and Stockholm17 is the name I use for projects. Designing and illustrating playing cards is my passion and into every project I put all my energy and passion. This Kickstarter campaign aims to produce 3 decks: Cartomancer has a tarot […]

Gingko Playing Cards

From a desire to provide foreign visitors to Vietnam with a unique souvenir, Ginkgo Company was born early 2007 in Ho Chi Minh City.  We aim to produce quality clothing with original designs inspired by Asian and Vietnamese culture in particular. All of our products are designed by ourselves and completely made in Ho Chi Minh […]

Diva Playing Cards

Sup y’all ! I’m Alexandre Matencio. I started dreaming of flourishing my own, custom deck of cards. I have the ambition to grow Diva as a stand-alone brand. With decks, apparel and other merchandising. A colorful, vivid, geometric-based design givin’ life to a whole deck of cards. One back and 54 faces using only 3 […]

Push Your Luck Playing Cards

Josh Agle is an American painter and illustrator better known by his nickname Shag. His art is defined by clean, modern and narrative-based paintings recalling an idealised 1950s and 1960s. With a broad range of themes the art often includes architecture, vivid colours, attractive people, tikis, cocktails and lavish lifestyles. Shag exhibited his first painting in […]

Gang Wars Playing Cards

A deck of 52 playing cards and 2 joker cards all uniquely designed by Band of Doodlers bandits. Each deck also comes with a blank card for you to doodle on. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, feuding gangs clashed culminating in an epic showdown. On one side, the coalition between the […]

Hocus Pocus Playing Cards

40 years ago, Paul Gross started Hocus Pocus Magic and grew it from a small corner shop into one of the world’s largest family owned and operated magic suppliers. Paul has equipped famous magicians and hobbyists alike with everything imaginable from stage props to coin shells, from head twisters to silk scarves, all while providing […]

Puzzle Pirates Playing Cards

The playing cards used in the game were drawn by Bluebeard and the Jacks, Queens, and Kings all represent the early wave of Three Rings employees.  In this deck, the Aces also represent pirate related items: Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds feature parrot, octopus and monkey familiars respectively, and the Ace of Spades features a skull and crossbones. The two Jokers feature skellies. The reverse of the cards […]

Luna Moon Playing Cards

Hello, I am Kevin Yu. I am a playing card designer & producer. The Luna Playing Card includes 2 versions: a Classic case Edition (Left) and a Deluxe case Edition (Right). Both editions are highly limited with only 2500 each. Once the Kickstarter is end, the retail value will be Doubled. We wanted to incorporate the different phases of the […]

Scuttle! Playing Cards

Scuttle! and both expansions – Scurvy and The Curse of Black Jack. Also includes the 7-card promo pack – Captain Bluebeard, Catbeard the Pirate, Firestarter Kelly, Jellybeans, La Capitán, Ninja, and the Vampirate. Source: Jellybean-games.com 

Koala Playing Cards

Hi! My name is Kirk and I’m an illustrator, graphic designer, and art director. As the Koala Mascot I helped create gleamed as a vibrant success pulling in heaps of new business and general brand awareness / excitement, the client wanted to try out an ambitious next project of a full custom deck of cards. […]

Hoody Deck of Playing Cards

Hello, everyone. My name is June and I am an illustrator who is cooperating with JD14 Presents. These are my first custom playing cards, Hoody. Hoody the cat is a magician who lives in a castle he created with his magic wand. In his castle exists a library where he studies his magic. You can see […]

Panda Playing Cards

Ships from Hong Kong. The patterns of these cards are cute and lovely pandas. These cards are perfect for use in at-home games, poker tournaments, goody bags, stocking stuffers and more. Each deck contains 52 cards and two jokers. Great for all card games. Great for all players. Size: 57*87 mm / Material: high-quality paper. Source: […]

Court of the Dead (Underworld Rising) Playing Cards

Underworld Rising is a role-playing video game set in the dark fantasy world of the Court of the Dead, created by Tom Gilliland of Sideshow. Tom Gilliland gave us a look at the Court of the Dead poker card set that features different shades of the Underworld characters on the face cards. Source: Dailydead.com   

Mini Chara Samurai Warriors Playing Cards (みにきゃら戦国無双トランプ)

Koei Tecmo Holdings Co., Ltd. (株式会社コーエーテクモホールディングス), is a Japanese video game holding companycreated by the merger of Koei and Tecmo. Samurai Warriors (戦国無双 Sengoku Musō, Sengoku Musou in Japan. Unrivaled Warring States) is the first title in the series of hack and slash video games created by Koei’s Omega Force team based loosely around the Sengoku (“Warring States”) period of Japanese […]

HootSuite Playing Cards

Hootsuite is the most widely used platform for managing social media for businesses and organizations to collaboratively execute campaigns across social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ Pages from one secure, web-based dashboard. For more information about the Owly Playing Cards, send an email to: *protected email* Source: Hootsuite.com     

Kachinas Playing Cards (hand signed by the artist Margaret Parrott)

A kachina is a spirit being in western Pueblo religious beliefs. The western Pueblo, Native American cultures located in the southwestern United States, include Hopi, Zuni, Tewa Village (on the Hopi Reservation), Acoma Pueblo, and Laguna Pueblo.  KINGS ♣Clubs – NATA-ASKA or Black Ogre ♠Spades – SALAKO ♥Hearts – ANG-AK-CHINA or Long-haired KACHINA ♦Diamonds – […]

Cardcaptor Sakura Playing Cards

Cardcaptor Sakura (カードキャプターさくら), abbreviated as CCS and also known as Cardcaptors, is a Japanese shōjo mangaseries written and illustrated by the manga group Clamp. The story focuses on Sakura Kinomoto, an elementary school student who discovers that she possesses magical powers after accidentally freeing a set of magical cards from the book they had been sealed in for years. She is then tasked […]

52 Tales Playing Cards

This collection of 54 unique illustrations across all 52 standard cards and 2 jokers, has been lovingly illustrated by over 100 hands and waiting to be in yours. Each piece is a collaboration between two artists, reminding us that there is always two sides to a tale. The tuck box is embossed foil and the […]

Hip Hop Playing Cards

This deck was built with you in mind. It’s the culmination of over 300 hours of work by graphic designer Khial Jackson. This deck provides you with the opportunity to play your favorite card games with the most familiar faces. This Hip Hop community has always been about competition. That as a fan you have […]

Pirates Playing Cards

A deck of playing cards poker size 89х64 mm, 54 leaf with a pirate theme.  Each sheet has an individual thematic design and an appropriate inscription. The suit is decorated with its frame and a particular pattern of craquelure.  Source: Spinbo.ru 

Raijin Playing Cards by BOMBMAGIC

Fionn Jordan is an ArtTraveller who lives in both Japan and Taiwan for several years, so he is already deep into East Asian culture.  Fionn is good at creating the style of comic that is the reasons we invite him to join this project.  You must be hard to imagine this kind of eastern style […]

Minions Playing Cards (Limited Edition)

Minions is a American computer-animated comedy film, serving as a spin-off/prequel to the Despicable Me franchise. Produced by Illumination Entertainment for Universal Pictures, it was directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda, written by Brian Lynch, and produced by Chris Meledandri and Janet Healy. Source: Extensive-fan.top 

Duolog Playing Cards by Kedar Designs

The Duolog deck (designed by Ruth Kedar) is a hand signed and numbered limited edition playing cards deck. This luxurious limited edition deck (only 200 decks were produced) is printed in 6 spot colors and metallic inks, and features unique court cards and visually striking number cards designs.  The deck is packaged in a multi-layered translucent wrapper inside a custom debossed box. Source: Kedardesigns.wpengine.com 

Mordillo Playing Cards

Mint, sealed deck of delightful cards made by F.X. Schmid c.1983 for Heye Verlag, a German publisher known primarily for its jigsaw puzzles and calendars, but one with a lengthy relationship with popular comic artist Guillermo Mordillo. The Jokers, court cards and Aces were all designed by Mordillo. The deck has 52 suited cards, plus […]

Banque des Antilles Françaises Playing Cards by James Hodges

Colorful and attractive set of cards made by Grimaud c.1973 for Banque des Antilles Françaises, a bank in St. Martin, featuring the designs of James Hodges. The deck has 52 suited cards, plus 2 Jokers, plus 1 extra card announcing the deck. The cards are bridge size, measuring 89mm x 58mm. There is no box. […]

Chocobo Playing Cards by Toshiyuki Itahana

This adorable playing card set features the artwork of Square Enix’s Toshiyuki Itahana. His signature cute and chibi interpretation of Chocobo is a fan favorite! Shuffle or deal these delightful designs into your next card game for added fun and Final Fantasy flair. Source: Store.na.square-enix.com 

Deity Kosh Playing Cards by Pooja Bhapkar

Hello! My name is Pooja. I am a young and passionate Illustrator/Graphic Designer. As a recent graduate from University of the Arts London, I feel true devotion towards Illustration and have developed a keen interest in everything related to Branding, Packaging, Graphic Design and Typography. I love to work on traditional subjects and to blend […]

AO MATU Playing Cards by Nastya KFKS

Nastya is a designer and illustrator. She created fully custom stunning deck of 54 playing cards for collectors, poker, magic, cardistry, designers and artists. It is a magnificent deck with many cool details. Inspired by nature and islands, most of all by Polynesian Triangle. There are 4 tribes of warriors, each suit – each tribe. Jacks, […]

Angelarium Playing Cards by Albino Dragon

The Angelarium is a place where experiences, ideas and archetypes exist as real living entities. It’s the domain of angels and emanations. Growing at its center sits the Tree of Life, a physical manifestation that reflects the whole of existence. Source: Albinodragon.com 

Fresh Playing Cards by Cam Brooks

I’m Cam Brooks a social and enthuastic freelance illustrator and designer based in the UK. I wanted to create a pack of playing cards that showcased different student archetypes. The aim was for a player to not just identify with one suite but with multiple so I chose broad archetypes. The designs were then made into playable […]

Virtuoso Playing Cards by The Virts

Each Virtuoso deck is also sustainably manufactured in the USA with the finest materials, strictest quality control standards, and features handling characteristics optimised to the demands of the most respected card handlers in the world. Accompanied with gorgeous artwork on the faces and encased in a sturdy matte wraparound tuck case, the result is a […]

Tlingit Playing Cards by Trickster Company

TLINGIT EDITION. This deck of cards features the Tlingit word for the card names in the standard index area. Regular index is moved to the right side of the card. This deck was created to provide additional teaching material for people studying the Tlingit Language or a unique deck for supporters of Native language revitalization.  […]

Islet Playing Cards by Karla Pruitt

  Original hand-painted patterns and illustrations of Queen flamingos, sea gull Jokers, King Alligators face cards, and banana leaf and geometric prints on the back of the deck.  Source: Karlapruitt.com 

Jungle Deck by Muti

Art of Play in San Diego commissioned us to create a custom playing card deck. We used a jungle theme with wild animals, plants and mysterious ancient artefacts. The cards come complete with a custom letterpress tuck case. Source: Artofplay.com

52Aces Edition Two (Collective Art Project)

52Aces is a deck consisting of 52 extremely different cards. The basic idea was to have each of these cards individually designed by an international designer or illustrator in their distinct style. Then the unique ensemble, in which a variety of illustrations in many styles come together to form an interesting compendium, was to be […]

Anubis & Osiris Luxury Playing Cards by Steve Minty

 The Anubis and Osiris Playing cards is an original set of American playing cards designed by Steve Minty. These decks are inspired by the luxurious reverence of Egyptian Gods and Kings of the past. Elements from classical Egyptian era and the Egyptian Revival are incorporated into this deck along with modern design make these decks […]

Bone & Ebon Playing Cards by Noah Whippie & NoirArts

Artwork is created by Noah Whippie – a comic book artist, graphic designer and illustrator. Noah is also an amateur card magician, which means understanding the importance of a well-designed deck. This deck is not his first. He has already published Bicycle Coffin Fodder deck. Each of the suits represents a different caste of society. […]

Dark Suits Playing Cards by Mr.Mead

Mr Mead is a surreal character designer and fine artist. He works traditionally with pen drawings on paper or wood. Recently he has started drawing and painting large scale and has completed works in Bristol, Brighton, Iceland and Cape town.  Mead’s inspiration comes from his own intense personal fears and inhibitions, which are represented vicariously […]

Animal Kingdom Playing Cards by Hatch Design

  Hatch Design Group offers a unique fusion of interiors resulting in environments that are successful in both form and function. Our long time clients continue coming back because the results we deliver have made a positive impact on their bottom line. Our expertise ranges from fine dining restaurants, buffets and food courts, hotel public […]

Playing Arts (Collective Art Project)

Playing Arts is a collective art project that gathers designers and illustrators from all over the world with an idea to express their vision of an ordinary playing card using personal styles, techniques and imagination. Source: Playingarts.com